Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


1. When will park re-open?

We are all set to entertain you again! The entertainment will be more thrilling under all precautionary measures as per government guidelines. We are eagerly waiting for government directives to start our operation which we will communicate on our web-sites

2. What would be park operational timing after re-opening?

Pre-lockdown the parks were operational from 10 am to 6.30 pm but we request you to check park timing on our web-site before visiting the park.

3. Is advance booking / online booking compulsory?

No. We encourage our guest to booking online for cashless, paperless and NO queue entry to respective park(s).

4. Is submission of self-declaration mandatory while booking online?

Yes. Submission of self-declaration is mandatory while purchasing online ticket. Guest purchasing offline ticket(s) at park ticket counter will have to submit physical self-declaration form.

5. Is wearing face mask compulsory during visit to park?

Yes. Wearing a face mask is compulsory and mandatory from government of India. This is for the safety and hygiene of our guest and employees

6. Is face mask available in the park?

Yes. You can purchase the mask at nominal cost at the park entry point as well within the park premises.

7. Will it be compulsory to maintain social distancing in the park?

Yes. Your safety is our top priority! Maintaining social distancing will help to curb community spreading of Covid-19

8. Do we have access to sanitizer inside the park?

Yes. We have placed sanitizer dispensers at every 100-500 meters across the park located at strategic points as well at the exit of every ride.

9. Is temperature check is compulsory before entering the park?

Yes. Your safety is our top priority!

10. If a guest is showing high temperature while screening, will he/she be allowed to entry the park?

No. As a government directives guest along with his/her accompanies will be isolated and requested to re-visit the park once he/she recovers from such symptoms. This hard step will be taken considering the safety and hygiene of our other guests and employees. On case-to-case bases, organization will extend the validity of the ticket.

11. How park entry will be managed to avoid crowd?

Park will be operational with limited capacity. All guest to maintain social distancing at each touch points. At park entry and at all queuing area, 6ft distance to be maintained between each guest in order to maintain social distancing.

12. Will all the rides & attractions be functional at the park?

Yes. All rides and slides will be operational for guest. There may be some rides/slides which may not be operational or managements have to stop without prior intimation in order to maintain guest safety & hygiene.

13. How rides and attractions are safe to enjoy?

Yes. We are following all the precautionary measures as per government directives. Request you to visit our SOPs w.r.t. park safety & hygiene measures.

14. Will it be safe for Child to visit the park after re-opening?

Yes, all the precautionary measure is being taken care as per government guidelines which holds true for adult and child. It is advisable that, Toddler & children to be accompanied by their parent or guardian. Toddler’s & children’s responsibility and following rules and regulations by them is entirely parent or guardian accountability

15. What are the payment options?

Guest can pay by debit card, credit card, net-banking, UPI and with all leading payment wallets.

16. Any medical facilities available at the park?

Yes. We have well equipped medical centre with fully equipped ambulance at the park.

Pricing & Timings

1. What are the ticket pricing for EsselWorld?

Ticket Type Adult (height above 4'6") Child (height between 3'3" & 4'6")
Basic Package 290 290
Silver 885 530
Fast Track + Silver 1170 900
Combine 1405 945
Passport Next 1640 -
*Child below height 3'3" ticket is free

2. What are the terms & conditions of EsselWorld Ticket Pricing?

  • Silver Adult package entitles guest to enjoy all Adult & Family rides unlimited times. Silver Child package entitles guest to enjoy all Child & Family rides.
  • Basic Package-The value of 290 is pre-loaded in the Basic card, from which 90 will be deducted towards entry fee to EsselWorld and the balance 200 can be redeemed at any counter(s) such as F&B outlets, Fab5 merchandise stores or rides in EsselWorld during the day of visit.
  • This Basic card is accessible and valid only at EsselWorld premise.
  • 200, if not redeemed during the day of visit, will neither be refunded nor can be transferred to other card(s) and will get lapse by the end of the visit day.
  • The Basic card can be re-loaded with the desired amount from the recharge stations available at the park.
  • The balance amount in the Basic card is non-refundable at the end of visit day.
  • Credit balance on the card is not transferable.
  • The re-loaded amount on the Basic card has a validity of 12 months from the date of recharge and all the credit will be forfeited if not used within 12 months.
  • The Basic card if lost can be traced from user’s mobile number and can be blocked if informed to EsselWorld authorities on time. The lost card will be replaced with another Basic card at a fee of 50.
  • ELPL management will not be responsible for any loss or miss-use of the Basic card.
  • Management reserves the rights to change the entry fee at any point of time without prior notice.
  • Management reserves the rights to change the entry fee, redeemable amount at any point of time.
  • Management reserves the rights to admission.
  • Management reserves rights to ask a person to leave the park, in case of non-adherence of the park rules.

Route to reach

1. What is the route to reach parks?

Borivali Station – From Borivali Station west take Bus no.294 to Gorai Creek and from Gorai creek our ferries are available that will drop you to the park (Ferry charges ₹ 70/- per person to & fro. Rates subject to change without prior notice).

Malad Station – From Malad Station West, take Bus No. 272 to Malad Marve, from Malad Marve our ferries are available, Ferry charges ₹ 70/- per person to & fro. Rates subject to change without prior notice).

Bhayandar – MBMT Bus no.4

By Road from Mumbai: Take Western Express Highway (WEH), turn left to Kashimira and drive down to Mira-Bhayander road. Our signages will guide you to reach the park. It will take around 30-45 minutes from Kashimira.

By Road from Gujarat: Take National Highway 8 till fountain junction then, turn right to Kashimira and drive down to Mira-Bhayander road. Our signages will guide you to reach the park. It will take around 30-45 minutes from Kashimira.

Rides questionnaire

1. Why children are not allowed on Adult Ride?

It is strongly recommended for the guests above 4’ 6” by the manufacture of the ride so that safety gears like lap bars, shoulder bars, belts, leg space, hand holding space, etc work efficiently. Hence the height criteria.

2. How many thrill rides are there in your park?

All rides have different and peculiar thrill factor.
For Adults
  • High thrill motion rides are – Zyclone/ Thunder / Enterprise / Aqua dive / Top Spin.
  • Medium thrill rides are – Rainbow / Slam Bob
  • Low thrill motion rides are – Aero Swinger
For Children
  • High thrill rides are - Big Apple / Mini Tele Combat / Happy Sky
  • Medium thrill rides are - Rio Grand Train / Yard Train
  • Low thrill rides are - Convoy Track

3. Why guests are not recommended to seat on circular motion rides like Monster/ Thunder etc. ride immediately after lunch/snacks?

We recommend guest to avoid taking motion rides, immediately after the lunch just to avoid the vomiting & motion sickness.

4. Why some of the rides are not covered / shed?

It's not possible to cover some of the rides because of their specific design and/or up & down movements.

5. Why children not allowed on Rainbow Ride?

SAFETY FIRST! It is recommended for the guests above 4’ 6” as the gondola’s safety bar can not hold guests below 4' 6" height.

6. Why it is suggested to remove valuable things on some of the rides?

Some of the rides like thunder/ enterprise / Top spin etc. Rotates 360 degree, keeping in mind possibilities of loss of valuables due to falling off, slipping off from pockets/body parts, it is recommended to avoid carrying valuables on the rides.

7. Why six persons required for each car in Aqua Dive?

Please, note that to complete a smooth ride, we require minimum load/ weight in each car to avoid car stopping in between water pond after the impact with pool water and the required speed to cross upward slope after the pool.

8. Do we allow repeat ride to the guests?

YES! If there is no queue!! In case of queue we request guests to join the queue again.

9. How many Adult / Family & Children Rides are in the park?

Adult – 10 / Family – 14 / Children – 12 / Kids - 3. Total 39 rides are there in the park excluding coin games. Other attraction includes Artic Circle, Fish Pedicure, 7D Theater, Derby Racer and many more.

10. Why Arctic Circle are separately chargeable.

Arctic Circle are independent facilities for guests and are coin operated games. Hence, not included in one-day package charge.

11. Tell us something about Prabal the Killer.

Prabal the Killer is an original INS Navy ship (Fast Attack Craft) with maximum speed of 37+ Knots, Commissioned in 1976, made in Russia & Decommissioned in 1999. Similar class ships had played very vital role in INDO-PAK war in 1971. On its deck, it has 4-Surface to Surface missile launcher, 1-Surface to Air missile launcher and 2-AK-230 (33mm guns).

Operations FAQ's

1. How many entrance points do you have in EsselWorld?

Three entrance gates are there in EsselWorld. One via ferryboat i.e. Via Borivali as well as Marve & second one is by road via Bhayander, third is Rainbow gate i.e. entrance from Water Kingdom.

2. Where is information center in the park?

You will get all information from GR Counters at all the entrances of the parks as well as from all rides, F&B kiosks even big display guide maps are installed at every junction of the park for guest’s convenience.

3. You have PCO & STD Facilities?

We do not have P.C.O inside the park. (For emergency we can provide call from EPBX system from the control tower in EsselWorld).

4. Do you have any First Aid centre available in the park?

We have First Aid centre which is in between Thunder and Arctic Circle.

5. You have any Resting-place in the park?

Yes, there are many resting places for guests. Like Dada Dadi corner, Moms corner, opposite Rainbow ride and highway car, behind control tower.

6. Which Day Park is closed?

Park is open all 365 days in the year.

7. Do you have any lost & Found Inquiry system?

Yes, at control tower Ext. No. 611.

8. Where is announcement system?

At control tower. Near Rainbow Ride.

9. You have any web site?


10. Why outside eatables is not permitted inside the park!

Outside eatables are strictly prohibited inside the park to maintain cleanliness & proper hygiene inside the park, even it cause inconvenience to other guest, however we allow only Infant’s food inside the park.

11. Why Sr. Citizen’s age proof is required?

We have to maintain all the records of age proof of sr. citizen to produce the same to entertainment depts.

12. How much time does it takes to reach EsselWorld by car?

Depends from where you are starting, however, it takes 45-60 mts via Kashi-mira Chowk

13. How many hours are required to complete each park?

Depends on person to person. But single visit to all the rides take around 4 hrs on weekends and around 3 hrs during weekdays. The duration is slightly more in seasons.

14. Can we visit comfortably both the parks in one day?


15. When did EsselWorld start its operations?

EW started on 24th December 1989

Ferry Questionnaire

1. How many ferries do you have?

09 ferries.

2. Can we use the same EsselWorld ferry to go to Water Kingdom?


3. What is the rate for ferry ticket and is it a return ticket?

The charges are ₹ 70/- per person and yes it is a return ticket.

4. Is ferry ticket for kid price separately?

Ferry ticket is same for child and adult and it’s as per the Mumbai Marintime board guidelines.

5. How much time it takes to reach Esselworld from Borivali side jetty?

It takes 15 to 20 minutes to reach park depending on the sea tidal conditions.

6. What is the frequency of ferries?

Every 20 mins from / for Gorai & 30 mins from / for Marve.

7. Why there is a difference in frequency of Gorai & Marve ferries?

  • Distance is the main reason as marve takes 01 hr for to & fro journey, whereas, Gorai takes 35-40 mts for a return trip
  • More guests come from Borivali hence more ferries are deployed there.

8. When is your last ferry?

We have ferries operational till last guest’s leave the park.

9. Can we use the same ticket for Marve also?


10. Are these ferries SAFE? What is the capacity of this ferry?

Yes! We do all prescribed periodic maintenance and upkeep our ferries. Also experienced & qualified crew is operating these ferries.
Capacity- answer depends on ferry to ferry.

11. Why don’t you include ferry charges with ticket charges and give it at ferry counter itself?

There are different authorities to govern, example for entrance ticket, entertainment authorities are involved whereas for ferry, maritime authorities are involved.

Food & Beverage

1. Do you have good only veg restaurants inside the park?

YES. For Veg we have Southern Treat, Petus, Ohh! Mumbai, Quick Pick-1 & Quick pick-2.

2. You have any Non –Veg restaurant?

Yes' we have.
  • Taipan – Chinese Restaurant.
  • Non-veg pizzas at "Domino's Pizza".

3. You have any Beer bar in EsselWorld?

Yes in EsselWorld at Taipan Chinese restaurant.

4. Any nearest staying facilities?

Yes' there are many Hotels available at Gorai / Manori & Uttan.

Offers FAQ's

1. What is Passport Next?

Passport Next is an Annual pass valid for 1 year and you have total 3 visit in 1 year.
Passport Rate – ₹ 1390/- + GST

2. Do you provide any group discount?

Yes, we do arrange for group discount for minimum 30 people in a group.

3. What is the validity of online ticket?

Online ticket is valid for 60 days from the date of visit selected.