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EsselWorld is getting ready to reopen and we are waiting for you...

~See you soon! ~

After many phases of lockdowns, the EsselWorld family is all pepped up to reopen its gates and welcome you! For the very first time in the history of the 30 year old amusement park, we have been non- operational. However, we were always connected with you in these difficult times and we never stopped entertaining you through our digital platforms. On the other hand we were also ensuring the park is safer to visit again making it cleaner, hygienic and in a healthier environment. With newer guidelines, rules and regulations designed by us, you will now be able to enter your beloved park with your loved ones very soon.

Here’s a glimpse of how we were engaging with you, entertaining you and also in the meanwhile preparing to reopen our gates-

  1. Social initiative

    EsselWorld has always believed in serving and taking care of their guests first. We joined hands with BMC, the Mumbai Police and NGOs who helped in distributing meals to the daily wagers and underprivileged in Mira Bhayandar Municipal Corporation, Borivali, Charkop, and Colaba. The Gorai Police too helped the Park in distributing these packets to the daily wagers and adivasis of Uttan and Gorai Village. The food was sourced, prepared and sealed by the staff of EsselWorld at the premises itself ensuring the hygiene. This activity was initiated on the 30th of March and more than 7 lakh food packets were distributed.

  2. Park Maintenance

    Spread across an area of 100 acres, EsselWorld has around 2 Lakh trees and plants thereby making the park pollution- free. From the time of its inception, EsselWorld has believed and has ensured of keeping a cleaner and a greener environment for the past 30 years. We also have 3 rainwater harvesting reservoirs that supplies water to the entire Park including Water Kingdom. The water park has an incredible filtration plant that processes 90 lakh litres of water every 90 minutes. With the outbreak of COVID-19, we have ensured of keeping our park and rides cleaner and sanitised in all aspects and will be continuing to do so regularly. Our washrooms, locker rooms, restaurants, etc are regularly cleaned and sanitised.

  3. Events

    The one stop entertainment destination continued to engage and entertain with its guests even during the lockdown. We launched EsselWorld LIVE on 12th April, a platform where we host celebrities and renowned personalities on our instagram page- @esselworldofficial for a live session. Post hosting a renowned digital magician in our first session, we associated with Book My Show and hosted celebrity guests like Raghav Juyal, Abhishri Sen along with Muddasir Khan, Sajjive Balakrishnan- the fastest caricature artist in the country, Mommy Blogger- Tanya Khubchandani, renowned DJ Notorious and DJ Loyd, international comic artist- Dheeraj Verma, renowned comedian Parag Kansara and many more who did live sessions on our EsselWorld Instagram page.

    Tapping, into various genres of entertainment, we also explored fitness. We hosted ‘EsselWorld Virtual FunRun’ on the 24th May 2020 in association with You Too Can Run where more than 500 participants ran their respective marathons indoor. The platform began with its registrations on 11th of May with a registration fee of Rs. 95 with an option of 5 kms, 10 kms and a kids obstacle run. Part of the amount was donated to NGOs that are working towards the daily meals for the underprivileged.

  4. Readiness for reopening of park

    With the unlocking phase begun in India, EsselWorld too is prepared to reopen its gates with all the necessary precautionary measures. We have carefully designed the new guidelines keeping in mind the health and safety for everyone’s wellbeing.

    • Limiting the number of guests: To begin with, we will be limiting the number of guests in our Park, irrespective of high demand.
    • Social Distancing: Social distancing is mandatory everywhere which will have to be maintained by staff as well as the guests right from the ticket counters to queues for ferry, entry in the park, restaurants, washrooms, rides, etc.
    • Mask: We will not be allowing guests and staff to enter the premises if they are not wearing a mask, however, we have also put up stalls at the entrances and even inside the park at various locations that will be selling masks and hand sanitisers.

    • Sanitisation: Since the outbreak of coronavirus, sanitisers have played a very important role and we understand its significance. Hence, the entire park, rides, our ferries, buses, toy trains, ticket counters, entrances, restaurants, washrooms, merchandising shops, lockers, locker rooms, all are sanitised and will be cleaned at regular intervals. Moreover, we will be placing sanitiser dispensers at various entry points as well as vending machines at an interval of 100-500 meters within the park.
    • Touch-free cashless ticketing: We are also encouraging touch free, cashless and paperless ticketing system where guests can pay online on our websites, other online aggregator websites, or even e- wallets.
    • Health and Safety measures: We understand the severity of the pandemic and the concern of each and every guest entering the park, hence we have also designed a self- declaration form which will have to filled in by each and every person entering the premises. On entering the Park, each visitor will be checked for a temperature by a paramedical officer.
    • Restaurants: Our restaurants have always maintained a standard of hygiene everywhere and we endeavour to continue maintaining it. Along with sanitising them we will also be sanitising the tables and chairs and place it at a distance to ensure social distancing.
    • Our staffs’ our family: Our employees on the other hand are a part of the EsselWorld family and hence their safety too is equally important to us. Each of our staff members enters the premises with the masks on their face while their temperatures are also checked at the entry points along with sanitizing their hands.

We look forward to a newer tomorrow where we can entertain you in a safer environment.

A hearty Congratulation to all the winners of EsselWorld Virtual FunRun!!

What a Run it was!

A big Thank You for the all participants & a hearty Congratulation to all the winners of EsselWorld Virtual FunRun!!

We thank you for your participation and for your immense support in making the event a grand success and hope you had great fun. It is not something just anyone can do, so pat yourself on the back and enjoy your accomplishment. It gives us immense pride in sharing the winners list and you truly deserve it!

Sr. No. Reg ID Winner Category
1 2025-5ec9cc020a58c
Prashant Bhavsar
2 2025-5ec9d560d4a1d
Dileep Yadav
3 2025-5ec9dd7ec7185
Sharada Sharada Bhagwat
4 2025-5ec9e2955f545
Selina Mark
5 2025-5ec9e888ed20f
Divya Shetty
6 2025-5ec9ea04351dc
Anushree Joshi
7 2025-5ec9f33022703
Sachin Jadhav
8 2025-5ec9fda37c319
Vishal Sharma
9 2025-5eca006c40ff5
Aruna Ta
10 2025-5eca085a6f220
Pushpa Shetty
11 2025-5eca1183d3004
Bhumika Rathod
12 2025-5eca1b62c1ee9
Ajit Jain
13 2025-5eca245d6a741
Nitin Mekhiya
14 2025-5eca2ca676302
Abhijeet Deshpande
15 2025-5eca435814f14
Kishori Kudecha
16 2025-5eca8bc3e28fa
Heramb Joshi
17 2025-5eca915841542
Omkar Jadhav
18 2025-5ecaa17eb74d1
Pratibha Vb
19 2025-5ecab34dce7cf
Mehul Padhiar
20 2025-5ecb5fca25e33
Rahul Agarwal
Sr. No. Reg ID Winner Category
1 2025-5ec9cec5a27c6
Dr Sanjay Kumar Bhat
2 2025-5ec9d9f6c339a
Mahesh Prajapati
3 2025-5ec9eddf822d2
Rajesh Mallya
4 2025-5ec9fa03197e1
Radha Yedlawar
5 2025-5eca0201a842f
Sreelesh Shanmugham
6 2025-5eca0763b225f
Ravinder Sinagl
7 2025-5eca08da711ab
Som Nath Ruia
8 2025-5eca1ced8935e
Mukesh Pandey
9 2025-5eca263eab63d
Aaditi Bhide
10 2025-5eca2ae22c260
Vikash Kumar
11 2025-5eca334b28326
Madhav Joshi
12 2025-5eca3d80ddb5e
Shilpa Sarnaik
13 2024-5ec91bceaaf91
Sanjay Lokapur
14 2025-5eca4fc5a7d6d
Subha Vadivel
15 2025-5eca656aaec2d
Mangesh Deshpande
16 2025-5eca80f15f388
Rupal Thakker
17 2025-5eca93bd248df
Reshma Shetty
18 2025-5eca9fc18063a
Sheetal Parulekar
19 2025-5ecaab0863f4c
Anamika Samantaray
20 2025-5ecaaf1934ec3
Jayalakshmi Krishnan
Sr. No. Reg ID Winner Category
1 2025-5eca4c59d88dc
Khadija Nalwala
Kids Obstacle Run
2 2025-5eca4fc08d70b
Mokssh Mehta
Kids Obstacle Run
3 2025-5eca5409579d8
Krivi Nandurkar
Kids Obstacle Run
4 2025-5ecab15626836
Mohan Patil
Kids Obstacle Run
5 2025-5eccb2f486661
Rudra Udeshi
Kids Obstacle Run
6 2025-5eca383e09345
Rajas Deodhar
Kids Obstacle Run
7 2025-5eca8b2956c9c
Siddharth Rukhana
Kids Obstacle Run
8 2025-5eca5a42136d5
Krivi Nandurkar
Kids Obstacle Run
9 2024-5ec27b9e0a1ba
Abhinav Krishnan
Kids Obstacle Run
10 2024-5ec27c3badd32
Ananya Krishnan
Kids Obstacle Run
11 2024-5ec6624cf1213
Jayan Sharma
Kids Obstacle Run
12 2024-5eca08bba2d27
Nivedita Deb
Kids Obstacle Run
13 2024-5ec90d8305a95
Mantavya Dand
Kids Obstacle Run
14 2024-5ec784da57775
Ritvik Parab
Kids Obstacle Run

All winners will receive couple passes of EsselWorld valid till 30th December 2020!!! The couple passes will be dispatched to winners on given address once the lockdown is lifted.

Regarding Milo goodies, we would get in touch with you to get your goodies delivered or how and from where could you claim your goodies only by showing your registration message or email!

We have also emailed certificate & e- discount coupon code to all verified participants and in case you have not received Certificates & e-discount coupon code, please write us on To redeem discount coupon code, please visit and apply e-discount coupon code at step 3 while booking ticket to redeem the discount coupon.

Again, we at EsselWorld would like to Thank you for participating in the EsselWorld Virtual FunRun and making it a grand success! This would not have been possible without your wholehearted support and participation!