About Us

Essel Group

For nine decades, Essel Group has been a leading business conglomerate having diverse business presence across Media, Entertainment, Packaging, Infrastructure, Education, Precious metals and Technology sectors. We have created an impressive track record of value creation in all our businesses that compares well with their respective industry peers. Our companies strive to bring the latest innovations and the best value offerings to all our consumers in our quest to deliver the best in class. "Faith in innovative and organized growth" works as the guiding principle behind every business at Essel and keeps us committed to enhancing operational excellence through greater focus on innovation and efficient resource utilization. With worldwide operations and a workforce of over 10000 employees, Essel Group is growing in strength day by day.

This journey of a thousand miles began with a single step in 1926. With its ardent passion and a clear and focused vision, Essel has not only built and expanded new businesses but has built a formidable and exemplary position in all these businesses in a short span of time. Today, the Essel Group has grown to become a strong diversified entity in India and globally with presence across the entire value chain.

EsselWorld Leisure Pvt Ltd (ELPL)


Launched in 1989 by Essel Group, EsselWorld became the pioneer of amusement parks in India by offering country’s largest amusement park. It boasts of over 71 attractions designed for entertainment of all age groups- perfectly justifying the title of India’s largest amusement park. With time, EsselWorld has evolved and added fantastic rides such as Tunnel Twister, Hoola Loop, Enterprise, The Alibaba Adventure Mirror Maze, Ice skating rink, to name a few; two mega attractions - India's craziest ride Top Spin & India's tallest tower ride - Shot N Drop. With all the fun & frolic it is ensured that the safety of the guests is not compromised. An amalgamation of thrill, fun, entertainment and pure happiness - EsselWorld offers it all. The park has a choice of eating options including Southern Treat, Domino’s, Taipan, Ohh! Mumbai and MORE!

Water Kingdom

In 1998, the amusement park launched the largest themed water park in Asia- Water Kingdom. It's never-seen before attractions set amidst unique architecture with international experience, standard amenities and hygiene; catapult Water Kingdom into a different league. It is the ultimate entertainment package for people of all age groups and is built innovatively to provide tons of excitement. Some of the mind-blowing water rides here include the 'The Lagoon', ‘Booble Rafia Blackdemon’, 'Adventures Amazonia', 'Goofer's Lagoon' and 'Misphisly Hill'. Apart from the slides, rides and other fun activities, the park also has a number of restaurants that promise lip-smacking delights.

Water Kingdom’s main attraction is India's Largest Aqua play pool - the Lagoon spread across 30,000 sq. Ft, is a perfect family play port with 10 different play elements. Wetlantic - the largest wave pool in the world is spread with cool blue water and loud music, high waves creating a magnifying experience. 'Aquadrome' is a unique feature at the Water Kingdom, where a dance zone of 7000 square feet is set with numerous water sprinklers. The 'Misphisly Hill' has 12 terrifying high-adrenaline rides which add to the fun like 'Juicy Jammer', 'Turbo Terminator', 'Black Demon' and 'Lemon Drops'. The 'Drifting River' is a loop of gently flowing water that promises a ton of excitement with slow currents, where people can relax while they float. The 'Adventure Amazonia' is a water ride that is truly breathtaking!

EsselWorld Bird Park

In 2019, the amusement park came up with yet another unique offering- EsselWorld Bird Park. India’s first exotic and interactive bird park, spread across an area of more than 2 acres, the first of its kind, EsselWorld Bird Park takes you up-close and personal with some of the most fascinating sights and sounds from the avian world. The walk-in aviary is home to more than 500 exotic birds from more than 70 species of Volant, terrestrial and aquatic birds. The star birds are African Grey Parrot, Blue Gold Macaw, Cockatiel, Rainbow Lori, Toucan, Sun Conure, Golden Pheasant, Ostrich, Black Swan and Carolina Wood Duck among many others.

EsselWorld Bird Park gives you a unique opportunity to not just watch and observe, but also immerse yourselves into the enchanting world of feathered creatures and interact with them in their natural habitats. Mindful of the importance of bird conservation, EsselWorld has roped in experts to take utmost care of the birds and preserve their new habitat in a natural and eco-sensitive manner. EsselWorld Bird Park has been curated by the world’s leading ornithologists & conservationists to create an experience that is truly authentic and enjoyable while keeping the health and safety of the birds at utmost priority.